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Languages and technologies I work with.


The portfolio below is the result of consulting projects done done while between jobs, except for Zippy and PhysicianAccess. Most of these companies are no longer in business.

FindLocalWork.com - Web-based company information resource for job hunters and sales professionals. Created using PHP and MySQL on Linux. My work on this system included database design, application design, PDF reports, email, and credit card processing setup with Verisign's Payflow Link. Graphic design and images were added by a third party.

Zippy Communications - Visual Basic 6.0 client/server application for integrated messaging, collaboration and personal information management.

MedicAlert Foundation International - Web-based customer call tracking system.

Velocity Management Systems, Inc. - Company brochure

Intransaction, Inc. - Web-based multi-state Workers' Compensation Insurance quote processing system.

PhysicianAccess.com - QA support tools - bug tracker, call tracker.

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