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Customer Call Tracking System

MedicAlert Foundation International

Customer Support is a Web-based customer call tracking system. Functionality includes ad hoc reporting, role-based security, online help, and Web-based system administration. The system was created using MS SQL Server 2000, TSQL, ASP, Behaviors, CSS, ActiveX controls, and JavaScript. Everything was coded by hand using TextPad©.

I did the system design and development, compiled requirements specifications gathered through work with users and a product champion. This system improved customer service by tracking customer requests so they would stop falling between the cracks, and lowered support costs by improving the efficiency of support.

Images - click an image to open larger image in a new window:

My Calls page - 24k
My Calls page. Only the support calls assigned to the user appear in the list.
New Call page - 11k
New Call page
Search Calls page - 15k
Search Calls page. Users enter search criteria and choose the fields they want displayed in the results.
Help - 42k
Report - 22k
User-defined Report - created with Query Builder. Note that this report was saved by the user as a 'Private' report, so other users don't see this report.
Query Builder - 20k
Query Builder
Knowledge Base - Create Article - 11k
Knowledge Base - create new article
Knowledge Base - Search - 11k
Knowledge Base - search
Knowledge Base - Search Results - 16k
Knowledge Base - search results
Administration Page - 10k
Administration Page - table administration. Add or change values in system tables.
Table Maintenance - 10k
Administration - Table Maintenance, brought up with "Modify Values..." button on table administration page.
Administration Page - 17k
Administration Page - User Setup. Add or change users.

Some of the features I want to point out:

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