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Defect Tracking and Customer Call Tracking Systems

PhysicianAccess.com is no longer in business. Some of their technology was sold to other companies so I can't show images of the systems I developed. Here are some descriptions.

Bug Tracker

PhysicianAccess had a defect tracking system, written in MS Access, that was not being used regularly because it ran too slow. They needed a system that could be integrated into other processes in the future - like a customer call tracking system - and that didn't have per-seat licensing fees. The system needed to provide flexible reporting too, and not store data in some inaccessible proprietary format.

The solution I built was a Web application with role-based security, availability both inside and outside the LAN, event logging, and user administration. Standard defect tracker features were created: email notification, unlimited attachments, search, and reporting.

This system was widely used by the team, improving product quality and increasing development efficiency.

Call Tracker

Subsequent to the bug tracker success, there was a need to track and manage customer inquiries. This system provided technical support and marketing with a system designed to accomodate PhysicianAccess' practice management software. Integration with the bug tracker provided the means to escalate customer issues without re-entering data.

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